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What's New!
Δ Biodiversity assessment research project part 1 @ Peperpot.

Directions to the nature park:

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Across the Wijdenbosch bridge over the Suriname river you can access the park from two entrances:

  1. East-West Road:
    Follow the road after the bridge until you pass the intersection with "New Amsterdam / Marienburg" on your left and "Police Station Meerzorg" on your right. Continue to follow the road, but start to look at your right hand side for the "EBS-groundstation" as well as a large billboard indicating the park's entrance.


  1. "Weg naar Peperpot" road:
    Immediately following the bridge turn right and follow the road until the next intersection; turn right again (= Pandit Murli weg) and continue that until a T-section and turn right again. You are now on the "Weg naar Peperpot" road. Continue this road until you reach a "Floodgate" (Sluis) and continue along the floodgate. After about .5 km you'll find the park on your left.

Got questions? Feel free to contact us at the numbers provided in the left-hand-side of the website, or submit a ticket in the contact form below:

(Contact form under construction)

Peperpot Nature Park is being developed as part of the strategic Mariënburg Development Project Plan in partnership
with Mariënburg (Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij N.V.) and with a generous grant by WWF Guianas.