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Preserving Peperpot's biodiversity
& natural ecosystems
Preserving Peperpot's
cultural heritage


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What's New!
Δ Biodiversity assessment research project part 1 @ Peperpot.

As with all other aspects of Peperpot Nature Park, all research & conservation efforts have the dual focus geared toward preserving the biodiversity & natural ecosystems on the one hand and the cultural heritage of the former Peperpot plantation on the other hand.

Preserving Peperpot's
biodiversity & natural ecosystems
Preserving Peperpot's
cultural heritage
Peperpot Nature Park is surrounded by the 700 hectares “Peperpot Nature Corridor” which has been declared a protected nature forest under the foundation “Stg. Peperpot Nature Forest”.

Stg. Peperpot Nature Park —along with WWF Guianas, Stg. Tresor, & the Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij, N.V. (Mariënburg)— is a strategic collaborating partner of Stg. Peperpot Nature Forest, helping to ensure the long term sustainable conservation and integrity of the ecosystems at Peperpot Nature Park and Peperpot Nature Corridor.

WWF Guianas

Plans are underway to:
  • Establish the Peperpot Museum housed in the historical Assistant Manager's home.
  • Renovate the historical cacao & coffee factory of Peperpot.
  • Create a documentary of Peperpot.

Funding is being sought for all of the above mentioned projects.

What's new? What's new?
A symbolic opening was organized by the Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij N. V. (Mariënburg) to celebrate this enormous milestone with partners and others in the community. Read more...

In cooperation with Stg. Tresor, a small grant was submitted on November 30, 2011 to the “Wereld Natuur Fonds, INNO” for an educational program at Peperpot where a Master-student in Educational Biology and two biology students of the teacher's institute will conduct an inventory of the nature as well as cultural history of the Peperpot area. The grant is currently awaiting approval...
The process is underway to formally mark out the entire "Peperpot Nature Corridor" as well as hire nature guards to help protect the natural reserve area. Read more...  
A first biodiversity quick assessment (part 1) has started in order to develop a mapping of the area in terms of the types of vegetation, animal & insect life present in the Peperpot Nature Corridor to serve as a basis for developing a sustainable management plan for the protected area. Due to budget constraints the initial quick assessment was limited to assessment of the flora and birds.

Peperpot Nature Park is being developed as part of the strategic Mariënburg Development Project Plan in partnership
with Mariënburg (Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij N.V.) and with a generous grant by WWF Guianas.