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Δ Biodiversity assessment research project part 1 @ Peperpot.

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After many behind-the-scenes preparation efforts, Stg. Peperpot Nature Park has succeeded in jump-starting the first ever research project at the Peperpot Nature Corridor. 

The goal of the "Biodiversity Quick Assessment" is to establish baseline data as to the type of biodiversity present in the Peperpot Nature Corridor. Due to budget constraints, the choice was made to commence with mapping the type of vegetation as well as birds present in the Corridor. Follow up research will incorporate large & small mammals, fish, bats, etc.

This important first-ever baseline research project would not have been a reality without the generous support of our sponsor WWF Guianas, both in terms of financial as well as technical / logistical support. A special thanks goes out to Gerold Zondervan, Regional Advisor WWF Guianas for all his advise and support in helping to bring together all the needed partners for this research project.

Further thanks goes to Trésor Foundation in French Guiana from the Utrecht University who is collaborating as our research partner in the "Biodiversity Quick Assessment," with special thanks to Vijko & Pipasi for their enormous enthusiasm & commitment to the Peperpot project.
Working with researcher Olivier Tostain from Trésor has been a wonderful experience for us locally. He's been enormously generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with the students locally and he's been most of all very easy-going.

Furthermore, the close cooperation with the National Herbarium of Suriname has added an invaluable dimension to the Peperpot research project. Department head, Dorothy Traag, has been a great help in both supporting the research project as well as seamlessly integrating the student involvement as part of the "Biodiversity Quick Assessment". 

Also, the great service & support from the Nature Conservation Division, Suriname Forest Service, made a huge difference in getting the research project officially launched in a timely fashion. Special thanks goes to Hesdy Esajas, acting Director LBB (Lands Bosbeheer) & Mrs. Claudine Sakimin, Head Nature Conservation Division.

The research project was also greatly enhanced by Master-student and avid bird watcher, Serano Ramcharan, who chose to conduct a scientifically based bird assessment at Peperpot as part of his Master thesis. The goal of Serano's research is to establish a baseline set of the different types of birds that are present in the various areas within the corridor. With this assessment, a foundation will be created, for stimulating and continuing forth bird research. 

Research areas: (back to top)
Click below on the corridor map or the link below to view a photo report of each of the days of the "Peperpot Biodiversity Quick Assessment, part I." Part II will continue in January 2012, where researcher Olivier Tostain will be joined by botanist Guillaume Léotard.

Day Area
1 Mopentibo
2 La Liberté
3 't Yland
4 Puttenzorg
5 Peperpot
Peperpot Nature Corridor


Report published by:  
Ilonka N. Sjak-Shie, Interim Manager
Stg. Peperpot Nature Park, January 1, 2012

Peperpot Nature Park is being developed as part of the strategic Mariënburg Development Project Plan in partnership
with Mariënburg (Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij N.V.) and with a generous grant by WWF Guianas.