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Δ Biodiversity assessment research project part 1 @ Peperpot.

Currently our donors / partners are as follows:

De Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij N.V. (Mariënburg) is the owner of the land in which this project takes place and is as such also a partner of this project. SCM (Mariënburg) has allocated 26,89 hectares of land in ownership to Stg. Peperpot Nature Park as indicated by the land surveyer map ("landmeterskaart")  of October 21, 2009.  

WWF Guianas is our first major grantor that recognized the potential of the entire Peperpot area in terms of a pilot project for "green urbanization" where development is stimulated in balance with nature. grantor / donor
Recently a new collaborative partner has been found in Stg. Tresor from Utrecht University, which owns and manages a comparable (but much larger) protected nature reserve in French Guiana. partner
Another important collaborative partner which was also founded by the Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij N.V. (Mariënburg) is the Stg. Peperpot Nature Forest ("Stg. Peperpot Natuurbos"). This foundation was expressly created to ensure the sustainable conservation & management of the 700 ha protected nature forest area, "Peperpot Nature Corridor". partner

Peperpot Nature Park is being developed as part of the strategic Mariënburg Development Project Plan in partnership
with Mariënburg (Surinaamse Cultuurmaatschappij N.V.) and with a generous grant by WWF Guianas.